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Go on, suss me out! 

"Tami, You are an amazing person - to be able to find the perfect set of words and create such a warm environment and bring out so much emotion!  

Such laughter, happiness and joy cannot be faked - you are the REAL DEAL."

   - David & Ty 


Bear Deer Fox



 ...after I had been approached by a number of friends, acquaintances and random audience members asking me to solemnise their marriage. It was a sign! 

I am also an author. If you came here looking for my books/ articles ... you're a little lost, but not too 
far away (boop)

Suss me out on the socials too: INSTA FB

I have an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts from Actors Centre Australia, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of New England, a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from The Australasian Training Academy and a Cert IV in Celebrancy from Health Resource Training Australia. 


My background in writing & performing (poetry & comedy) has provided me with a natural comfort in front of audiences large and small and my experience with live acting on stage has equipped me with the tools to make even the most stressful situation enjoyable. Don’t worry though – it is NOT my intention to 'steal the show' when it comes to weddings. I am committed to providing couples with a ceremony that places you both in the spotlight while honouring your vision for the day.


I was brought up in a secular Jewish family with grandparents from Poland, Russia, Australia & the UK.  I have cousins in the USA, Austria and Israel and my partner's family are Mexican, Turkish & Lebanese. I have also spent time in China teaching English and have continued to teach ESL to students from a variety of nationalities since then. Needless to say, I have always been interested in (and sensitive to) the customs and practises of different cultures. 



Image Credits : Top left Robert Meredith Top Right Bear Deer Fox 
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