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Fewer things make me happier than meeting a couple who love one another so much, that they are willing to rise up against the odds, or ignore them, and build a life together. It would be a true pleasure to solemnize your interfaith wedding in a way that honours both cultures and/or religions.


Whether you’d like a traditional ceremony or a quick and simple “elopement package”, we can work together to find a ceremony that will suit your individual needs. Evaluate your personal situation and follow your gut - don’t feel as though you need to live up to other people’s expectations. Remember, this is your special day and your ceremony should reflect your personal style and budget.


Performed at the request of the parents or kids themselves, this is a wonderful way to honour the people designated as Guide Parents as they make a commitment to be involved in the life of their Guide-Child.  A truly unique celebration of the loving community in the child’s life.


If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a Christening or Bris, alternatives such as a Baby Naming Ceremony or simple "Naming Day" are becoming increasingly popular. We will work together to plan the best way for you, as parents, to state your love and commitment to your child and declare hopes for their future.

Renewing wedding vows has become an important part of our culture and there are many diverse reasons why couples may choose to do so. Some couples choose an anniversary or a milestone, while others may choose to renew their vows after the birth of a child or to celebrate a triumph over a major obstacle such as ill health.

The funerals that I officiate pay tribute to the life of the deceased, encourage the expression of grief in a way that is consistent with the culture’s values and offer continuity and hope for the living. From Funerals to Remembrance Ceremonies (including Headstone Unveilings) , I would be honoured to write and conduct a ceremony that authentically embraces your loved one’s personal beliefs about life and death.


Losing a pet can be utterly devastating. Many people feel that laying their beloved pet to rest is a final and loving gesture of farewell to a valued member of the family.  Pet funerals can often help in the grieving and healing process; a poignant ritual to obtain closure.

The transition from childhood to adulthood - the “coming of age” - is a significant stepping stone that often gets overlooked in contemporary Australian life. If you and your child would like to celebrate their rite of passage into adolescence in an inclusive, empowering and fun environment, then let’s talk about a bespoke symbolic coming of age ceremony. 

Divorces can be such distressing transitions - not just for the two individuals who were in the relationship, but also the children, extended family and friends who had stakes in the marriage. A well crafted divorce ceremony or "divorce party" can completely flip the script; mitigating the pain with a therapeutic (yes, even humorous) opportunity for closure & amicable contact for the future.

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