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During the quiet month of April 2020 (thanks COVID19) I made some awkward FAQ videos which you can 'enjoy' here:  

Intro to FAQ 

Where should we have our ceremony? 

Should we write our own wedding vows? 

Should we hire a wedding planner? 

Should we allow guests to take photos during the ceremony? 

Can our pets be involved in the ceremony? 

Should we ask family and/or friends to say a reading? 

1. When should we contact / make our booking with you?


As soon as possible. Especially if you intend to get married between September & May in Sydney (peak wedding season). 


You must provide me with a document known as the “Notice of Intended Marriage” aka. the “NOIM” at  least 1 month before your wedding date. Note: Together with the NOIM, you must also produce certain documents, including proof of identity and evidence that you are eligible to be married. It may take some time for you to obtain these documents, so, it’s best to contact me early to avoid last-minute delays.



2. What documents will we need to show before our wedding?


Your original Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) must be completed and produced (as mentioned above). As well as this, I will need to see a Drivers License & Birth Certificate or Passports (Foreign or Australian) . If either you or your partner have been married before, I will need to see evidence of what ended your last marriage. This may be a Certificate of Divorce or a Death Certificate.



3. What is the Notice of Intended Marriage form and how do we lodge it?


The Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) is an Australian Government prescribed form that must be lodged at least 1 month and 1 day before your Wedding. If you do not get married within 18 months of lodgement it expires. The Notice is considered lodged when I receive it.



4. What do I do if my partner is away and cannot sign the Notice of Intended Marriage form?


Don’t worry, The form can be lodged with only one signature but your partner will need to sign it as well before your wedding day. 



5. What happens if my partner cannot speak or understand English?


This is not a problem as long as you advise me of this at the time of making your booking so that I can complete an Interpreters Declaration. I will then let you know about the procedure that you will need to follow with regards to appointing an interpreter to suit your needs.



6. Do we need to have official witnesses at our Wedding Ceremony?


Yes. You MUST have two official witnesses who are both aged over 18 years old, who can sign the Marriage Certificates as witnesses. They do not need to be Australian Citizens. 



7. Should we feel obligated to invite you to the reception? 

Not at all!  The party is meant just for your nearest & dearest - I get it. 

8. Can we cuddle your dog during our meeting ?  

Absolutely. Lenny loves cuddles.  

9. Why is your website domain  

I ask myself this all the time. I don't know and I'm not a fan. Apparently it's too late to change it though ... something to do with SEO. 

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